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Overall Role Purpose

Responsible for strategizing company’s  marketing campaign. Design integrated marketing campaigns, identify changing business needs and  execute critical decision making strategies to  promote designated products and services as well as to support pivotal business functions

Key Capabilities

Skills & Knowledge

  • Marketing and brand management methodologies
  • New marketing and advertising trends in the Insurance Industry
  • Conceptualizing advertising and promotional activities, selecting and managing mediums for ATL and BTL
  • High level of proficiency with Microsoft Office, Adobe, and Internet applications as well as experience with a graphics application is required.

Being able to

  • Assess compliance risk.
  • A strong attention to detail.
  • Deliver focused results and take initiatives focused on achieving excellence
  • Contribute as part of a successful team and cope with rapid business growth.
  • Demonstrate an ability to think creatively and bring innovation to the marketing approach.

Competency Segment ‘Business’

Entrepreneurial Spirit

 Business acumen:

  • knows how businesses work;
  • knowledgeable in current and projected future policies
  • practices and technology; knows the competition
  • Is aware of how strategies and tactics work in the marketplace

Corporate savvy:

  • the ability to understanding the professional culture you are in and working with it – instead of against it – to achieve your goals.

Dealing with paradox:

  • Is flexible and adaptable when facing tough calls
  • Can combine opposites like being compassionately tough,
  • Stand up for self without trampling others
  • Set strong but flexible standards


Competency Segment ‘Leadership’

Customer Orientation/ Cross functional Relationship

 Making complex decisions:

  • Create a practical and effective environment
  • Generate and explore ideas
  • Choose and Analyze competing alternatives
  • Asses the decisions taken for their perceived viability
  • Communicate, Initiate, & Evaluate pivotal problems

 Managing diverse relationships

  • Responds and relates well to the Senior Management team
  • Is able to cultivate a steady relationship with peers which is firmly rooted on the principles of two-way communication
  • Is open to learning



  • Introduces original unique ideas
  • Easily makes connections among previously unrelated notions
  • Proves to be an enhanced contributor of uniquely inventive viewpoints during brainstorming sessions and provides value addition to the discussion at hand


  • Is good at bringing the creative ideas of others to market
  • Has good judgment about which creative ideas and suggestions will work
  • Has a sense about managing the creative process of others
  • Can facilitate effective brainstorming
  • Can project how potential ideas may play out in the marketplace


Leveraging Diversity:

  • Striving for a workplace where opportunity, openness, enthusiasm, diversity, teamwork, accountability and a sense of purpose combine to provide a rewarding professional experience that promotes fairness, dignity and respect for all team members.

 Risk taking:

  • Eager to learn; interested in what’s new or better
  • Has broad interests and perspective
  • Seeks and listens to feedback
  • Makes effective use of constructive criticism to leverage improvements. Always looking to improve him/herself; Carefully observes others for their reactions and adjusts accordingly
  • Reads people and groups well
  • Picks up on subtle corrective cues from others
  • Is sensitive to different challenges and changes accordingly

Strategic thinking:

  • Understand the position in the larger world context, convey a thorough understanding of organization strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats
  • Maintain abroad strategic perspective while identifying and focusing on crucial details.

Team Building

Leading through vision and mission

  • Communicates a compelling and inspired vision or sense of core purpose
  • Talks beyond today, Talks about possibilities
  • Creates milestones and symbols to rally support behind the vision
  • Makes the vision sharable by everyone
  • Can inspire and motivate entire units or organizations


Drive for results:

  • Can be counted on to exceed goals successfully
  • Is consistently one of the top performers
  • bottom line oriented
  • Steadfastly pushes self for results

 Timely Decision Making:

  • Makes decisions in a timely manner, even if faced with challenging high pressure situations, incomplete information and impending deadlines
  • Able to make good decisions

Preventive problem solving

  • Identifies problems and uses logic, judgment, and data to evaluate alternatives and recommend solutions to achieve the desired organizational goal or outcome

Expected years of experience and Education

  • Master’s degree in Marketing, Communications, Business or equivalent combination of education and experience is required.
  • 7-10 years (with 5 years of brand management experience in insurance or financial institution)

Salary & Benefits 

Salary bracket140,000 – 170, 000
Benefits: Medical OPD (10% of basic salary) p.m. + Fuel 200 liters p.m. + Mobile (30K – once every 2 years) + Car Cash Allowance (28,000/- p.m. or 1000 CC) + 30 Annual Leaves (50% Encashable) + 10 Casual Leaves p.a. + 8 Sick Leaves p.a. + Health Insurance (spouse+children: 625,000 per annum per person) + Life Insurance+ Gratuity and Bonus, Increment (Calendar Year) All benefits are governed as per Co. Policy.

More Information

  • Salary Range PKR 140,000 TO 170,000
  • No. Of Positions 1
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